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Greg Reaves: A Leading Force for Diversity and Innovation Among 11 Distinguished Honorees - Philadelphia Business Journal's 2024 Diversity in Business

Greg Reaves: A Leading Force for Diversity and Innovation Among 11 Distinguished Honorees - Philadelphia Business Journal's 2024 Diversity in Business

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Greg Reaves, has been honored as one of 11 distinguished recipients of the Philadelphia Business Journal's 2024 Diversity in Business award. Over the past eighteen months, Greg has accomplished remarkable milestones, significantly enhancing our firm's growth and prosperity. Here are some of his notable professional achievements during this period:

Team Expansion: Greg Reaves has successfully expanded our team by recruiting four full-time members, all of whom are emerging professionals. This underscores his commitment to nurturing talent and fostering organizational growth.

Promotion of Director of Business Development: Greg recognized the exceptional potential in our Director of Business Development and promoted them to the role of Vice President of Development. This strategic move demonstrates his talent management skills and his ability to identify and elevate internal talent.

Remarkable Firm Growth: Under Greg's visionary leadership, our firm has experienced substantial growth, nearly doubling in size. This expansion is a testament to his strategic vision and effective management.

Winning Multiple RFPs: Greg and his team secured several significant Request for Proposals (RFPs), including projects such as The Gateway at Bowie State University, Leonardtown at the University of Maryland, University of Penn Office Building, 120 S Governor's Ave in Downtown Dover, the Aviation District in MD, and 76Place. These wins highlight his expertise in business development and project acquisition.

Successful Project Completions: Greg oversaw the successful completion of key projects, including Golaski Labs and Sharswood Ridge. These completed projects showcase his project management skills and his ability to deliver on commitments.

Projects Under Construction: Additionally, several projects have commenced construction during this time, such as 1201 Normandy at the Navy Yard, University of Penn Office Building, and Chapel Block at the Navy Yard. Greg's leadership has been instrumental in driving these projects forward.

Greg Reaves' achievements over the past year and a half reflect his unwavering dedication, exceptional leadership, and strategic prowess in the field of real estate development. His contributions have played a pivotal role in our firm's remarkable growth and continued success.

Mosaic Development Partners is committed to making a meaningful impact in our community, and our initiatives at Sharswood Ridge exemplify this dedication. In addressing the pressing issue of limited access to essential services, we've transformed an area previously classified as a food desert by introducing a grocery store. This not only brings convenient and fresh food options to the community but also contributes to the overall well-being of the residents. Furthermore, we've taken steps to enhance healthcare and financial services accessibility by establishing an urgent care center and a bank. These additions provide quality healthcare and financial resources to an area that previously lacked these vital options, thus improving the quality of life for the local population. Our collaboration with the Philadelphia Housing Authority has resulted in the creation of 98 affordable housing units, addressing the critical need for affordable housing in the region and promoting community stability. Additionally, we've actively engaged with our community by hosting a master plan event for the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This event serves as an educational platform, informing our citizens about the Navy Yard Master Plan, which has the potential to generate 20,000 jobs and expand affordable housing opportunities. Lastly, our commitment to education and workforce development is exemplified through our support for the Navy Yard Skills Initiative. By providing high school graduates with accelerated training programs tailored to our businesses at the Navy Yard, we're helping them secure employment opportunities that might traditionally require a college degree. Mosaic Development Partners remains dedicated to enriching our community, fostering growth, and improving the lives of our fellow citizens.

Source: Philadelphia Business Journal


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