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Joint Venture Partners


Joint Venture

In 2022, Josh Harris, Managing Partner of the Philadelphia 76ers, made a substantial commitment to support Mosaic. As a co-founder of Harris-Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, he pledged to invest $10 million in Mosaic. Before this, Harris also participated as a co-investor in the Sharswood Ridge project, a vital community initiative that introduced essential amenities like quality healthcare, a grocery store, and a bank to an underserved neighborhood.



Philadelphia Navy Yard

Ensemble/Mosaic is a collaborative endeavor uniting two dynamic firms. In 2020, Ensemble Real Estate Investments, with headquarters in California, and Mosaic responded to a Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by PIDC for the revitalization of 108 parcels within the Philadelphia Navy Yard. From among 35 companies nationwide, Ensemble and Mosaic were chosen as the partners for this venture. Together, in cooperation with PIDC and the City of Philadelphia, Ensemble/Mosaic is harnessing their collective expertise, shared vision, and fundamental values to drive both physical and economic transformation in the Navy Yard. 





Campus Apartments and Mosaic collaborated to submit a proposal in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a graduate student housing project. This project is part of the redevelopment effort for the East Side of the University of Maryland (UMD), known as Leonardtown, which includes a dedicated graduate student housing component.



ThinkUbator, Shoot360, Advanced Alchemy, Wistar, ASI Chemicals, Navrogen, Sure Biochem

Established in 1837, Cheyney University of Pennsylvania continues to build on its legacy as America’s first institution of higher education for African-Americans. Our Mission is to equip and empower students of diverse backgrounds to be visionary leaders in their chosen fields. We offer innovative approaches to teaching and quality academic programs that expose our students to pioneering ideas, research, and civic engagement. Our transformative approach to student development emphasizes the whole person, fostering success in the classroom, on campus, and in life.



Diamond Green, Edison Square, Edison 64, The Blue Horizon

The backbone of the Orens Brothers organization is comprised of a dedicated team of core employees. Our support staff comes from a variety of backgrounds, all bringing their own valuable experience to the company. Our associates are hard working, loyal and brimming with talent, and we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a quality product and provide excellent service. The attention to detail and commitment to excellence exhibited by our employees set Orens Brothers apart from other companies in the business.



Sharswood Ridge

Through their Whole Neighborhood approach, SHIFT thoughtfully invests in neighborhoods and people to accelerate job creation through growth in small businesses and the creative economy, improve community health and safety, and offer quality affordable housing. They create these wealth and wellbeing opportunities for all people across a mix of income, race, identity, and beliefs.

They engage with city and industry leaders and residents to co-develop community solutions and programming that support their investments in their neighborhoods’ built environment. Together with their partners, they strive to maintain and diversify a neighborhood’s character while maximizing long-term affordability and minimizing displacement.



The New Africa Center

The Islamic Cultural Preservation and Information Council – New Africa Center CDC is a 501C3 nonprofit coalition of university scholars, educators, multi-disciplinary artist, parents and individuals striving to preserve, protect and elevate our cultural heritage of Islam in America. We are not a proselytizing organization; our purpose is to provide forums for the academic study & artistic expression of traditional & contemporary Islamic arts, culture, history, literature & beliefs.



Sharswood Ridge

The Philadelphia Housing Authority, also known as PHA, is the largest landlord in Pennsylvania. We develop, acquire, lease, and operate affordable housing for city residents with limited incomes. Our funding comes primarily from federal government. We also work in partnership with the city and state governments as well as private investors. 




The Frankford CDC is dedicated to the asset-based development of Lower Northeast Philadelphia through job creation, affordable and workforce housing development, improving awareness and outcomes around health and wellness, and the creative and sustainable improvement of public space.



Downtown Dover

The Downtown Dover Partnership (DDP) selected a Mosaic-led team to develop a strategic master plan for Dover, DE. Working with the community for over a year, Mosaic produced the Capital City 2030 plan for the city. This plan represents a projected $500M investment in the community which will generate close to 1,000 new residential units, 15 acres of developable land, 27,500 sq ft grocery store, 204-room hotel, a multi-modal transit hub, community amphitheater, 100,000 sq ft of new commercial space, and a turnaround in the city. The plan has already helped generate millions in funding for infrastructure and changes in tax codes to support growth.



Cheyney University

For more than 60 years, the Chester County Economic Development Council (CCEDC) has served Chester County, PA, and the surrounding region. We are a private, non-governmental entity that supports businesses in four key areas – Financing Solutions, Location Services, Workforce Development, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship.  Through these efforts, we not only assist the business community but also enhance the quality of life for those who live in our area.

Our services are administered through a variety of industry partnerships, affiliate organizations, and initiatives. Click on each key service area below to learn more.


Cheyney University


IPS is the premier global knowledge leader delivering innovative, technology-based business solutions to help our clients succeed.


IPS’ Knowledge, Skill & Passion is well recognized in the market sectors they serve and is the cornerstone from which they are based. IPS is more than a brand, they are a company guided by principles and core values. These values guide their actions and help them to attain our mission as a global organization and as individuals.





Called to Serve (CTS) is an emerging socioeconomic community development entity (CDE) dedicated to the complete renewal, restoration and revitalization of underserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With a primary focus on the Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood of North Philadelphia, we envision a wholesome Philadelphia urban ecosystem with intact neighborhoods, thriving businesses with access to capital, and reformed schools that produce academically competent students.

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