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Philadelphia 76ers announcement

Philadelphia 76ers announce mixed-income residential building, updates to preserve Jefferson Station, and more on the design of 76Place at Market East.

Raising the Event Floor

The team is prepared to make a significant investment in the infrastructure of 76 Place that involves raising the event floor to be one level above street level. Doing so alleviates previous concerns from the community regarding the arena’s impact to Jefferson Station. This will also allow for a public promenade that creates greater pedestrian flow between Cuthbert Street and Market Street, with a new Market Street front door for Jefferson Station which offers direct connection to over 200 transit stations — a pivotal connection point that previously did not exist. Another benefit of raising the arena floor is it will enable greater opportunities for street level retail that are open and active to the public year-round, not only event nights and not only for ticketholders.

Designed from the “Outside In”

Another key feature of 76 Place’s design intent is the glass façade, which promotes a vibrant connection between the outside and inside of the arena that doesn’t exist at the mall today. The walkway above 10th Street connecting 76 Place to the remaining portion of Fashion District Philadelphia — currently a solid wall — will also now feature abundant glass with open view corridors behind, allowing the building to remain visually connected with a view toward Chinatown. The “front door” for Jefferson Station and the arena along Market Street is also designed “from the outside in” with glass that will welcome pedestrians in to enjoy the street level amenities.



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