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Gregory Reaves

Greg Reaves

GREGORY REAVES has spent more than 30 years working at all levels in corporate and private industries. He graduated from Howard University, Washington, DC, with a BS in Chemical Engineering. He also played division I soccer in college. As a business professional, Greg has acquired significant expertise in healthcare, commercial real estate development, government relations, domestic and international public relations and entrepreneurship.

He began his career with McNeil Consumer Products Company, a division of Johnson and Johnson, where he worked as an engineer and supervisor in support of research, manufacturing and packing operations. He then joined Merck and Co. Inc., where he received eight promotions and held eleven different positions during his tenure with the company. Early on, Greg received patent protection for a device he created while in tablet compression. He was also awarded the Gadsden Fellowship, a prestigious company-sponsored fellowship, offered to just three people throughout the company every five years. This led to the creation of the Penn-Merck Science Initiative, an education partnership with the University of Pennsylvania, the National Science Foundation, and Merck to train elementary Philadelphia school district teachers in science education for five years. 

He led college recruiting for the manufacturing division, was the director of Government Affairs for five states, headed world-wide media relations for the company, and was promoted to Vice President, Research Communications and policy, including the management of the Merck Manual and the intranet.

Greg managed all national and international media relations, coordinated all financial data releases with the CFO and investor relations, and worked closely with the CEO to communicate policies, including those that led to the global reduction in pricing of AIDS medicines to the developing world. Greg managed relationships with key news outlets, ie. the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, CNN, CNBC, FOXnews, The Washington Post, USATODAY, Reuters, and the AP.

Greg left Merck and joined a mid-size real estate development company, where he became a member of the executive team. He held specific responsibility for operations, hiring, marketing, public relations, commercial leasing, and government relations. He helped manage 5 million square feet of real estate and assisted in the acquisition of two highly desirable real estate assets, totaling more than $300 million in value once completed.

In 2008, Greg and his partner formed Mosaic Development Partners, a commercial real estate development company. Working with joint venture partners, they developed, constructed and own projects in disenfranchised communities to reduce blight, increase jobs and help to make new housing more affordable. To date, their investments have totaled more than $54 million is construction financing.

Greg continues to offer strategic consulting services to small businesses and executives on positioning, strategy, marketing and public relations.  He is trained as a Fasttrac facilitator, and has provided specific training to entrepreneurs, working with more than 200 businesses in New York and Delaware.

Greg married Beth Baxter in 1988. They have three children: Jordan, Josh and Mia.