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Wayne Junction Moves Forward With Revitalization

Wayne Junction, the border between Nicetown and Germantown, is on the cusp of revitalization. Local business owners, nonprofit organizations, and City agencies are joining forces with developer Ken Weinstein to reinvigorate this important transit hub with transit-oriented real estate development. On Tuesday, Weinstein presented his plans for the Wayne Avenue Revitalization Project to a 100-strong crowd inside the shell of the former Blaisdell Pencil Company on Berkley Street.

The project will essentially create a new mixed-use neighborhood surrounding the station providing restaurants, retail, office space, affordable housing, jobs, and even a dog park to local residents. Street lighting, trees, new sidewalks, landscaping, murals, and street-scaping are also part of the plan. Weinstein presented the new logo for the revitalization project with the fitting tagline, “Moving Forward”... more.

Ross Cameron