Mosaic Development Partners

We develop real estate that improves neighborhoods. We expect the results of our efforts will create an adequate return for our investors, meaningful jobs and long-term sustainability.

Mosaic Development Partners, LLC
P.O. Box 26646

Philadelphia, PA 19141

Office: 215.921.8107



  • Our Partners

    Success requires a competent team. They share our vision, complement our skills and help our projects achieve their full potential. We are inclusive and actively seek minority and female owned businesses to work with us and grow with us. read more
  • Our Approach

    community group
    Whether it’s a building or a vacant lot, we ask ourselves… will our results leave this community in a better place than when we began? Will our ideas lead to greater sustainability? Do we have the right team to ensure we can turn our ideas into reality? read more
  • Latest Project

    latest construction
    This Historic Icon is rising from its industrial past into a vibrant chic mixed use lifestyle community. The building features 36 predominantly bi-level residential units, a private outdoor courtyard, dog friendly space, office space and 24-hour security monitoring. read more

Our Mindset

  • We excel in urban centers
  • We develop commercial real estate
  • We create jobs in local communities
  • We seek community acceptance where we operate
  • We insist on diversity in all aspects of our work
  • We work with people we like and trust
  • We find solutions where others neglected or gave up
  • We seek shared vision with our partners, investors and key stakeholders

Our Focus

  • Identify real estate projects that have the potential to improve
    the community
  • Find innovative solutions, subtle or radical, that helps bring
    the project to fruition
  • Partner with those who add value to the project, whether it is an experienced developer, a construction manager, or a community group
  • Create opportunities for new people to succeed through our projects